SkinPen creates controlled micro-injuries to stimulate the body’s natural wound-healing process, while minimizing cellular damage. The result: effective remodeling of scar tissue, while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact. Learn more about how microneedling triggers the three-stage wound-repair process.

Procedures take about 30 minutes, depending on the area treated and the desired results. Due to their non-invasive nature, microneedling sessions usually require little downtime for patients. Find out why patients love the benefits provided by SkinPen.

Acne Scarring 

Say "So Long To Acne Scarring"

How Does Microneedling Improve Acne Scarring?

The SkinPen causes controlled micro-injuries that stimulate the body's natural wound-healing process. These micro-injuries trigger your immune system to remodel the scar tissue, while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact.

Microneedling has been safely used in a wide variety of patient-types including patients of all skin-types. Treatment time is about an hour and spaced 6 weeks apart.  3-4 treatments are required for best results and up to 6 treatments for more severe scarring and stretch marks.

SkinPen by Bellus Medical is the first FDA-cleared microneedling device.

It causes controlled micro-injuries that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing process, while minimizing cellular damage. The result is effective remodeling of scar tissue, while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact.

There are three phases to the wound-repair process:

  • Phase I: Inflammation. Piercing the skin triggers your immune system to disinfect the wounds, remove debris, increase blood flow and begin to create new tissue.

  • Phase II: Proliferation. The wound is rebuilt with new granulation cells, which are part of the extracellular matrix. Additionally, a new network of blood vessels develops.

  • Phase III: Remodeling. The wound is replaced with new dermal tissues and blood vessels.

Best of all, SkinPen works. Ninety percent of subjects in the clinical trial would recommend the procedure to family and friends.

SkinPen® Precision is Bellus Medical’s flagship product and sets the gold standard in micro-needling! SkinPen is a medical grade micro-needling device designed for use by aesthetic medical professionals to treat melasma, acne scars and surgical scars. In addition to being approved by Health Canada, SkinPen® is CE marked (Europe), ISO 13485:2016 certified and TGA (Australia). It is the only FDA approved, U.S. engineered and manufactured microneedling pen.

Protecting Our Patient.

  • Clinically proven to be safe and effective

  • Laboratory tested and validated to prevent risk of cross-contamination*

  • Cartridge validated for needle quality, sterility and precision

  • Protects the practice

  • Protects the patients and delivers clinically proven results

  • Designed and engineered in the U.S.A. with proprietary technology

  • Independent research technology company evaluated major brands in the derma microneedling market. Supporting Macro and Micro photographs of each needle and cartridge were generated and each derma microneedle brand examined. Data on File.

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Amazing Results for Acne Scarring

The only Microneedling Device APPROVED for sale by Health Canada, Australian TGA and the European Union as a medical device.

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