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OxyGeneo™ Treatment Benefits


•Immediately glowing & radiant skin
•Skin tightening & firming
•Skin plumping & hydration
•Increased collagen production
•Reduced hyper-pigmentation
•Reduced acne
•Enriches the skin with hyaluronic acid, magnesium, and other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants


•Immediately visible results
•Oxygenation from within through promotion of the body’s natural processes
•Optimal exfoliation & cleansing
•Maximum infusion of active ingredients into the skin
•A soothing experience
•No downtime
•Safe for all skin types & colours
•Clinically proven

OxyGeneo™ Technology: Why It Works

The OxyGeneo™ treatment begins with applying a pre-portioned packet of nutrient-rich gel to the skin. The gel is full of potent, active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, and other high-quality vitamins and minerals.
Then, the patented approach provides three powerful effects in one treatment:

A hygienically-sealed and disposable single-use capsule, called a “Capsugen”, is attached to the OxyGeneo™ handpiece.
Gliding over the skin, it exfoliates the upper skin layer and removes dead skin cells, to optimize the infusion of active ingredients.



During the exfoliation, the capsugen comes in contact with the gel, causing the formation of millions of carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles on the skin’s surface. The CO2 on our skin triggers the Bohr Effect!


What is the Bohr Effect?

The Bohr Effect is a natural process that occurs in our body, whereby the hemoglobin in our blood releases oxygen to areas where high CO2 levels are detected, causing a rise in oxygen levels in those areas. This process was first discovered by Professor Christian Bohr in 1904. The OxyGeneo™ treatment harnesses the power of this scientific reaction, and triggers it by producing CO2 bubbles on the skin.


Why does this matter?

When our body sends oxygen to the face from within, it is far more effective than external oxygenation, meaning, much higher levels of skin oxygenation!

Oxygenated skin creates the optimal conditions for natural infusion of active, nutrient-rich ingredients into the skin.

Oxygenated skin, infused with high quality ingredients, looks fantastic and feels great. It is glowing, radiant, youthful, soft and smooth; cheeks are plumped up, pores are smaller, and texture is improved.

OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial 0min – $145.00

Save When You Purchase A Package of 3

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